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The eLogistics Guide Dortmund

The “eLogistics Guide Dortmund” gives you a quick and comprehensive overview of the most important companies, institutes and research establishments in the field of eLogistics located in Dortmund.

Image:Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) | Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Image:Warehouse Management (WMS) | Warehouse Management (WMS)
Image:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Image:Transport Management Systems (TMS) | Transport Management Systems (TMS)
Image:Supply Chain Management (SCM) | Supply Chain Management (SCM)
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eLogistics refers to the combination of classical logistics and transportation with cutting-edge information technology. Dortmund is home to suppliers of a myriad of products and services – from Radio Frequency Identification through transport management systems to warehouse management.

This portal tells you which supplier has the right product or service for your needs, what opportunities eLogistics offers you and who can answer your questions. The eLogistics Guide Dortmund provides information about manufacturers, service providers, logistics-related research and sector-relevant developments in the field of IT. It is the joint work of a number of companies and institutes from the region and is updated on a regular basis.

Your company, with its logo and profile, can also be included in the eLogistics Guide Dortmund free of charge. Simply fill in the registration form with your contact details and the relevant information, and we'll get in touch with you to discuss the particulars.

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